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  • Can I pay with Credit Card?

Yes, at checkout page, select PayPal, and instead of Login with Paypal account, you have option to “Pay with Credit Card or Visa Debit”.  You have also other options to pay, Email Transfer, Cheque or Cash at club house by appointment

  • What if I lost the secret answer for Email Transfer?

Auto Deposit set for Email Transfer to payment@cityviewtennis.ca you don’t need a secret answer any longer.

  • What happens if I choose Cheque or Cash payment?

That’s the payment methods we accepted before, and we continue accepting it.  The difference is that you have chance to create a user in our system by online registration.  This user will be fully activated after we confirm your payment.   Immediately for paypal and credit card.  For Email Transfer, Cheque and Cash, it’s a manual process.  The system shall send email notification to you for each steps.

  • Do I have to create the user on the website?

No,  you don’t have to create a user to complete the payment. But you will need a user in our onlinebooking system – courtreserve.  We will send you communications via our maillist.

  • What should I do after completing the online registration and payment?

Find a partner and book before coming to the courts,  enjoy the nice weather and tennis!

If you have signed the form, got the lock code, online booking access, and start to play.

Also check out the Programs page if you want to find a coach.

Thank you and let’s have a great tennis season!

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