How Can We Help You?

Membership is valid from the purchase day till the end of the season, usually October or November.  Our club is for members only or guests invited. This website (CV below) is up all year around. During the holiday season, some members gift membership to family or friends.
  • CV

    • Select the membership and checkout
    • After payment, check your email box for confirmation and the access code to the courts
    • Registration happens once a year, if you forget your CV password, please reset by “forgot password”
  •  CourtReserve (CR below)

    • website or mobile apps, different user credentials than CV
    • Most used booking system in Ottawa, you may access multiple clubs court booking if you have multiple memberships
    • Browser or mobile app would remember your password if you had logged in recently
    • Book before playing, you may pay Guest fee here
    • Limited features when tennis season is off from December to April
  • We use GTN to host our ladder program.  You need to registrar another account there to access our ladder:
    • Please find the rate, schedule at
    • There are 3 sessions per year, spring, summer and fall
    • If spring session is full, try earlier for the summer or fall session registration
    • See Adult Programs page

Do you accept Cheque or Cash payment?

Yes, but your booking privileges and registration would be complete after the payment is received.

Do I have to create a user on CV website?

No, You don't have to have a CV user, but you would need CR user to book a court

What to check after completing registration?

  1. You shall get confirmation email with combo code for gate lock
  2. You shall receive Club communication emails
  3. You shall be able to book a court on CR app/site
  4. You shall be familiar yourself with programs at club, and get ready to enjoy the season
  5. Contact us should you have any concerns or questions

What to expect as returning member?

  1. Your CR account should be activated upon completing a new season registration, same login as previous year
  2. You will get a new combo code for court access
  3. You stay in the maillist if you was member the year before or you will resume the maillist emails
  4. Check out what's new for the coming season activities

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