House Leagues

Monday Social Double Drop-in (coming soon)

1. Date: Monday TBD to September 30, 2020 (excluding long weekends Monday)
2. Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
3. Venue: Court #1,  up to 3 if requires.
3. Format:
3.1 all matches are doubles in 20 minute cap 
3.2 players rotate partners in 20 minutes (after 1 match)
3.3 Rotate courts and mingle players every 40 minutes (after 2 matches)
3.4 The attendant or coordinator may switch the partners upon request or randomly

Mixed Singles Ladder

We will promote single ladder with GTN platform, signup here and the kick off match should be held very soon, right after the final at Rolland Garros.  The rules are pretty simple:

1- Ladies and Gentlemen will be pooled together
2- Single match : proset, 8 games with a 10-point tie breaker at 7:7
3- Players will be scheduled to play first match up on Global Tennis Network.
4- CVTC members are FREE to play the ladder. Non-members are also welcome by paying a 5$ drop-in fees each match.

Senior club play – men and women

daily Monday to Friday. book and play!

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